Online courses that adapt to your lifestyle to help you progress from home and regain control of your practice, your confidence and your health,
thanks to body-conditioning, strength training and guided choreography.

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Say goodbye to procrastination and random training methods!

My conditioning courses
 help you build a solid conditioning foundation to support your dance training and keep you consistent. They contain structured training plans specially designed to meet the needs of Indian classical dancers and are made up of exercises that are both effective and safe.

My on-demand dance courses follow a structured approach to enable you to learn from home with clarity, methodology and confidence. I've designed them to allow you to progress at your own pace, while ensuring the quality of the odissi transmission. No more dark, confusing zoom classes with an impossible-to-follow schedule!

Looking for a method that is respectful yet effective? Achievable in a modern lifestyle?

You dream of becoming stronger and more confident, expanding your skills and taking your dancing to the next level.

You already have some dance experience, but you're tired of procrastinating and stagnating.

You have a busy life and sometimes find it hard to stay on track. You need help and guidance!

You'd like to have access to a structured method that allows you to move forward while retaining a high degree of flexibility

You'd love to be able to combine your own experience with that of a professional, without being completely under control.

does it sound like you?

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Sadhana Booster has everything you need to train all year long! 6 different workout plans to work on your strength and cardio, increase mobility, prepare for performance and continue to progress. It's also 12 empowering lessons to understand the fundamentals of dance anatomy and training principles.

A complete body conditioning program for Indian classical dancers

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Unlimited access!

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Have you recently taken a break and need a fresh start? Reboot is what you need! I've prepared 3 weeks of progressive strength training for you to get back on track and start seing results!
Also includes journaling sessions, a fitness test and a technique check. 

Restart your practice on solid bases through a 3-week structured fitness plan



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A 9-chapter pre-recorded course to guide you step by step through the odissi Navadurga choreography from the comfort of your own home.
Includes choreography introduction (taal, music, rasas, symbolism...), choreography break-down in 8 chapters, full-choreo with music, sitting practice for abhinaya, pre-performance Durga meditation...

Learn from home, at your own pace!

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Sadhana Booster empowered me with tools to increase my capacity to perform at my best: after just one week, I noticed a massive difference in my body and regular practice. If you want to expand your capacity as a dancer and are dedicated to adopting an organised, evidence-based approach to your every day practice, Sadhana Booster is for you!

A massive difference in my body


My challenge was to know where to start, how much to do, how often and what/how to train myself. The course really was an eye opener in understanding the anatomy, and a lot of myth busters.
Now I'm more organized and aware of my dance practice and not just doing randomly!

The course was an eye- opener and a myth-buster !


My problem was to organize my schedule and improve my practice so as not to injure myself while continuing my dance training. I liked the flexibility of the course (the replay format is super convenient) and the good tools for everyday use. Chloé is a great teacher!
Sadhana Booster allows you to set up a routine and improve your practice while being kind to your body and mind !

Improve your practice while being kind to your body & mind

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