As an Odissi dancer for 20 years, yoga teacher and personal trainer,
I wish to inspire and encourage Indian classical dancers to go beyond their limiting beliefs and be the best version of themselves! 

dancer, trainer & coach

about me...

Today I accompany other women to blossom in their own dance path !

At the age of 21, I finally dared to make the trip alone to Odisha... I was once again touched in the heart, this time by this beautiful and humble land, its culture and its people. I met my guru, Lingaraj Swain, and started to learn from him intensively during several long stays. It was a time of intense absorption and practice, but also of friendships from around the world !

I first started doing regular strength training at home to maintain my fitness level... and because of the neighbors' complaints! I quickly realized that it had a lot more to offer dancers, and I got my sports trainer certification. I further studied with the De Gasquet Institute about safe yoga and womens' physiology. During the pandemic, I began creating tools and classes to help other dancers benefit from yoga and fitness, and launched my first online program, Sadhana Booster, in 2021!

beautiful odisha

conditionning power

A few years later, as a teenager, I discovered that there were actually classes in my town: it was the beginning of a love story that would never end!
I started to learn according to Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra's gharana from my first teacher Magali. The same year, I travelled for the first time to Odisha with my mom, and it instantly felt... like home!
I then followed several summer workshops in U.K (with Gurus Sujata Mohapatra and Madhavi Mudgal) while I secretly dreamed of India, in a world where youtube didn't exist yet and where an odissi dvd was a real treasure!

Back in France, at the age of 24, I discovered the challenge of performing and teaching Indian classical dance in the West, where the codes, the context and the lifestyle are so different! I then followed a 4-year yoga teacher training course: my relationship to my body was transformed and became more respectful and conscious. There were no turning back!

falling into dance

western world and yoga

It all started the day when, as a child, I watched in wonderment an odissi performance... 

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My favorite scent is orange blossom, my favorite flower is bougainvillea and I am obsessed with peacocks!

I am French but I also have Spanish ancestors and Andalusian blood runs in my veins...

I organized my first dance festival
at the age of 21

I have studied in the Louvres School, in the Paris Museum.

I had a muscle strain during a gymnastics competition when
I was 13 years old. 

I applied kumkum on Vyjayanthimala's forehead!

I have a Tibetan heart family leaving in Odisha

I can't resist a lemon pie

I learned the basics of mardala under Guru Banamali Maharana for 4 months.

Few facts about me

I like to think that you can always have something new to learn! It's important to keep an open and flexible mind, and for me, that includes a sense of humor!
Who says you can't be dedicated and lighthearted at the same time?

We're all perpetual students 

 For me, the spirit of sisterhood allows us to connect with each other through our art. I'm not a guru ! So I see my position more as a sister, a mentor who accompanies her dance sisters with all her heart!
No formalities, just kindness and respect.

Encouraging the spirit of sisterhood

I believe in a dance practice that is not harmful and where all bodies are welcome.
This is why I integrate in all my programs and classes the principles of the method founded by Dr. De Gasquet, a reference in France in the world of medicine and yoga.

A safe and respectful practice

my approach & values

Chlé Shanti

muhammand ali

“If my mind can conceive it and my heart can believe it - then I can achieve it.”

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