It's time to dive in and step into your power!
With this one-on-one mentoring program, together we will go beyond the surface for a deep transformation of your dance.

A unique, game-changing approach combining
body-conditioning and odissi dance!

1:1 odissi mentorship

Level up

Let's start !

Benefit from my 20 years of experience as a dancer, dance and yoga teacher!
I invite you to go beyond the accumulation of (too many) choreographies, beyond the generic group class to focus on what really makes a difference: you!

I define a program adapted to your level and your goals, to your body and your needs, which includes a personalized body-conditioning training plan + a series of private odissi dance classes.

Currently you feel like you're not really progressing as much as you would like

You feel a certain weariness to always work in the same way, learning new choreographies without mastering any 

You have the feeling that you need more in-depth work to go to the next level
You wish you had someone who could guide you in the right direction and give you individual support

let me guess...

Level-up combines the traditional direct and individual approach of Indian transmission with a modern & holistic vision combining body-conditioning, training plans and coaching. It in no way replaces your link with your main guru/teacher, but complements and enriches it.

Unlike simple private lessons, mentoring defines very precise, personalized objectives within a set timeframe to enable you to progress and unblock certain aspects of your dance that are holding you back.

The program is custom-designed to fit your schedule, lifestyle, level and goals.

why is this mentorship unique

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To get away from it, you have to immerse yourself in it again and again: no dancer can escape dance technique! This mentoring program will enable you to develop greater refinement, control and precision in your dancing, while gaining confidence and a newfound sense of self-assurance.

This program focuses on the very foundation of your dance: odissi technique! 

level up

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from 480€

  • 3-month program
  • Initial personalized assessment
  • Monthly coaching calls, weekly check-in messages
  • 8 private online odissi classes (1-hour long)
  • Assignments and video memos for practice
  • Customized conditioning training plan
  • Unlimited access to recordings

An innovative method to unlock your potential and help you reach goals!

Mentorship structure


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A known choreography will be our support for this journey: we will cover all the nuances and details through section breakdowns, specific exercises, but also personal interpretation and presentation on stage. Get in touch for a list of choreographies available for this format.

Let's unfold layers of a dance piece !

level-up choreography

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from 350 €

  • 2-month program
  • Initial personalized assesment
  • 6 private online odissi classes + assignments
  • Customized conditioning training plan
  • Unlimited access to recordings

A structured process to help you master and make yours a chosen choreography !

Mentorship structure


Each month we progress towards a specific goal through private lessons, coaching calls and weekly check-in messages. The training plan is adjusted as you progress. We conclude with a final assessment.

Step 3 - Mentoring

you'll then receive a training plan and a customized body-conditioning routine that will be adjusted as you progress. Together, we define the frequency and dates of your private classes.

Step 2 - Schedule

the first step is a personalized assessment to define a work plan adapted to your level and lifestyle: I make an initial proposal which we adjust together during a zoom appointment.

Step 1 - Assessment

not just a package of private lessons, but a real personalized support

how it works

Have a question ?

Here are some answers !

Private lessons can be one-time or long-term, lasting up to several years. 
In the mentoring program, we work within a limited time frame and with a very specific goal, other than learning a new dance. In addition, the process combines odissi and body-conditioning to allow for a real in-depth change. We also tackle projects that are dear to you, such as career development or performance preparation.It is a global accompaniment that goes far beyond a private class.

Mentoring is for people who have been learning Odissi for several years.
It is not a course for beginners. If you already know the basic steps and some choreography, then this program is for you!

The work I propose through this mentoring program builds on the knowledge you already have, in order to develop yourself in depth. We'll work on details and technical skills.
To learn a new choreography, check out my online classes, workshops, or classic private classes depending on my availability!

Absolutely! I'm in no way here to replace your guru, but to give you the extra push you need to reach your full potential. A mentor is there to provide you with knowledge, support and encouragement. I will always respect your teachers and your style.

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