Hi, I am Chloe, a passionate Odissi dancer, teacher and trainer !

I help Indian classical dancers use body-conditioning and odissi e-learning to reach their full potential, without compromising their traditional training.

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You are a dancer with a purpose.
You have big dreams and know the value of the art you bring to the world, with ancient roots but timeless value. You have one foot in the modern world and another in ancient times.
You aspire to a practice that preserves tradition with a modern approach. Where excellence does not compromise self-respect and well-being.
You are ready to level-up and invest in yourself, to make your dreams come true and to dance for as long as possible!

Show up stronger, fitter and
more confident than ever !

Dare to take the lead in your own growth...

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With this 6-step plan, start building a sustainable and effective conditioning routine for Indian classical dance!

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I am a frenchie in love with Odissi for about 20 years, and teaching this beautiful art form for more than 12! I'm passionate about the human body, and I strongly believe in a dance practise than promotes self-respect and well-being.

I'm chloé (alias Shanti) !

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Sádé, Trinindad

Chloé has formulated a dynamic, innovative, and immersive  experience for dancers to improve their practice which has been nothing short of phenomenal. The quality of her curriculum, hybrid learning, online learning platform, multimedia tools and resources is quite outstanding. Prepare to be transformed!

A most nurturing, compassionate mentor

Pujayita, India

The proper balance of practical and theorical knowledge,
the perfect and precise demonstration of the exercises are really
very helpful and encouraging ! 

A very essential thing for every dancer

Justine, France

 If you want to learn all the basics to get in good physical and mental condition to improve your dancing, do not hesitate! Chloe is an excellent coach. The training is rich and complete, presented in a very clear and organized way, so it's easily accessible by everyone!

A very rewarding experience for any dancer